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RTC Instrumentation

Instrumentation Design Service In
the United Kingdom and Overseas

Our wastewater treatment service is unique. We offer customised instrumentation solutions to ensure we provide the right match for each applications, meeting the specific needs and challenges of our clients.

RTC Instrumentation

Unique Instrumentation Design

Here at Dooley Wastewater & Environmental Consulting Limited, we design each instrument with reliability and precision in mind. We are committed to providing our clients with accurate data and dependable instruments that ensure the smooth operation of wastewater treatment systems on a daily basis. All the instrumentation we design and install help our clients reduce their energy consumption, minimise chemical usage  and optimise the resource recovery, while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations at the same time.

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We are based in the United Kingdom but can provide our service overseas.

RTC Instrumentation
MLSS Sensor

  • Auto-Clean

  • Auto-Calibrate

  • 0 - 30,000 mg/l

RTC Instrumentation announce the launch of their Auto-Clean, Auto-Calibration Range of Instruments, with the MLSS Sensor designed for use in both Aeration Systems of the Activated Sludge Process and Clean Water applications.

Measurements are taken every 10 seconds. The system uses both Transmitted and Reflected Infrared light sources to give a measurement range of 0-30,000mg/l. The display panel can be connected to MODBUS TCP/IP as well as Analogue O/P systems.

The cleaning and calibrating schedules are programmable at both the display panel and using an Android App, which communicates via Bluetooth by a push button at the Display Unit.

The system is designed with low service and maintenance requirements requiring only a 12-month visit to change the sensor wipers, which can be carried out in less than 30 minutes working on the instrument.

RTC Instrumentation
RTC Instrumentation

Mayholm, 4, Stuart Terrace, 

Bathgate, EH48 1DZ 

07966 346905

We design systems that optimise energy consumption in wastewater treatment.
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